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Risk Notice

Financial instruments that allow a trader to invest in an asset class without owning the underlying asset or taking physical possession thereof, carries a high degree of consumer risk, and can result in a significant loss of capital. Trading is not recommended for all investors, including people with limited financial resources and/or little tolerance for risk.

Investors should be aware that leveraged products such as these tend to respond proportionally to market movement; and pose significant risk for an amateur investor, whom we recommend seek professional financial advice before trading these or any other financial instruments. YOU MAY RAPIDLY LOSE FUNDS DEPOSITED, EVEN ALL ON DEPOSIT, OR POSSBLY MORE THAN YOU HAVE DEPOSITED. The Company, under no circumstance, shall be liable to any person or entity for losses suffered while high-risk financial instruments or products.

The Company, and its website and related Platform, ONLY provide notifications, signals, messages, opinions, analyses and other information resultng from the tracking of cryptocurrency tokens for educational purposes; and, therefore make no representation such data provided to any User would constitute investment advice. We provide this information to authorized subscribers whom we trust use further research before making investment decisions. Our platform cannot be relied upon as an alternative for comprehensive research and market analysis upon which investment decisions should be made. Opinions, research, and market data can change without notice. For reasons stated above, we cannot assume any liability for any loss of capital, or loss of profit, from any person or entity relying directly or indirectly on our Platform.

The Company does not recommend the sole use of technical analysis for trading decisions, and/or Users relying upon quick analysis for trading. As an investor, you should always remember PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. Also, asset allocation, diversification, and portfolio rebalancing do not necessarily ensure protection against loss in declining markets.